Move Masters, LLC Gives You Superior Quality at an Affordable Rate

Unlike most Birmingham moving companies, Move Masters has only a one hour minimum. Our services are charged at a very competitive hourly rate and billed in quarter hour increments after the first hour. This hourly rate begins when our movers arrive at the first load site and ends when you are satisfied that the job is complete. All charges are explained and there are no hidden costs.

Most moving companies charge you "drive time" which is the time it takes to get from their office to where the job begins and from where the job ends back to their office. Some moving companies will also charge mileage or a fuel surcharge on top of the drive time. Move Masters, LLC has a set fee for drive time. Even if our movers get caught in traffic this fee does not change so there are no surprises or additional charges when you get your bill.

Let Us Impress You With Our Moves!

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When you hire the professionals at Move Masters, you don't have to worry about unscrupulous movers running up the clock on you and costing you more money. Our movers are trained to make your move as stress-free, fast, and affordable as possible. Move Masters does not charge extra for items requiring extra padding or shrink wrapping as some of our competitors do. We believe protecting your belongings should be expected when hiring professional movers.