Make a checklist of all utility, banking, and credit companies as well as any medical providers or subscriptions that may contact you by mail. Make sure to advise them of your new address 10-15 days prior to your move.

When choosing your movers, do a little homework to prevent being scammed or taken advantage of. Moving companies in Alabama can be "self insured". They may also have fees that are not disclosed up front or maybe not a great reputation. Use the Better Business Bureau ( to find a trusted mover. It is the fastest and easiest way to investigate before you do business. Accredited companies are required to provide proof of insurance and reviews are vetted to make sure they are from actual customers. Go with an accredited business that either has no complaints filed or handles them in a professional manner.

Packing everything in your home can be an overwhelming job. Start well in advance, pack one room or area at a time, don't mix items from different rooms, and make sure to clearly mark all boxes. If you are working with a strict timeline, stick to packing only and purge your belongings while unpacking.

Moving and storage companies are not the most economical place to get your moving boxes and supplies, Try a wholesale box company, Lowe's, or Home Depot. Their prices are much better for the same boxes.

On moving day, have the pathways clear, placing all boxes in a central location or against the wall of the room they are in. At the unload location, stay close to the front door so that you can direct your movers where to put your items. Make sure to communicate with your neighbors if parking is an issue. The shorter the walk the movers have, the more time and money you save!

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